Friends With Sites

Alex Hessler
3d man, I like this kids work. He modeled the ring on the splash page.

Ashraf Ghoniem
Another art man. Bushido Blade competitor. Tekken opponent.

Doug Brown
This guy was in 90% of my undergraduate classes, he also has an unhealthy obsession with Dave Matthews.

Roxana Mehrabadi
Mechanical engineer, web designer, anime obsessor, and MP3 locator.

Shawn Pitz
I don't know what this guy does. His claim to fame is his ownership of a small herd of cats.

William Averill
Mechanical engineer, built his own distiller.

Reverse Engineering

The IDA Palace
A page fully dedicated to IDA Pro, containing a long list of plugins, IDC Scripts and signature files.

OllyDbg Forums
Forums, plug-ins etc. for OllyDbg.

Security Guys

Andrew Griffiths
Andrew's home on Feline Menage and his repository of random thoughts and projects.

Berend Jan Wever (SkyLined)
SkyLined's repository of advisories and code snippets.

Dennis Cox
A fellow New Yorker, Austin-ite and motorcycle rider. Dennis also makes me laugh.

Ero Carrera
Ero's repository of paper's and projects.

Gergely Erdélyi
Gergely's repository of paper's and projects.